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My Wonderfull List of Links

the "unofficial" Jean Butler Tribute page
A great page, go there!!
The official Riverdance website
the mother of all figure skating pages!!
Dancin' News
My unoffical Steigler & Steigler page!!
My Virtual tour of Irish Dance
My pet mouse

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Ok, so welcome to my homepage!! This page isn't really about any one specific thing- rather it's about everything (well, almost) that I like. You'll probably read a lot about Riverdance, Irish dancing, Anuna, and figure skating. Lots of other stuff though, too!! The picture above is well, not of me. : ) It's of Méav Ní Mhaolchatha of Anuna. But it's pretty close!! Let me just tell you that this site is under *major* construction- but then again have you ever seen a site that isn't?? Soon to come: -a page about me!! -Irish music & dance page -a page about school My unoffical Steigler & Steigler page!!
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