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Irish Dance

Get ready for an exciting journey though the world of Tradional Irish-Step dancing
It all started years ago in Ireland, nobody knows the exact date. Now it has evolved into the ever popular shows Riverdance and Lord of the DanceClick here to listen to some music from LOTD.

We'll start our tour by going to a Feis. Pronounced "Fesh" a feis is an Irish dance competition. There are several levels you can compete in ranging from beginner through open championship. You are also categorized by age. Your age is the age you are on January first of the year of the feis. For example, if my birthday is in March and I'll be 14 in 1997, my dance age for 1997 would be 13 because that was the age I was on January first. Are you confused yet? If you are, E-mail me and I'll try to explain better. Here are some pictures from feis.
For more Feis photos, click here Well, when there's a link there click on it!! By now you've most likly been wondering about those dresses...most of the designs come from the Book Of Kells, which is in the Trinity College library. Learn more about it by clicking here. Book of Kells
Pictures from the book of kells include: Sorry, I can't find any more right now, but I'll add them when I do....

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